U-Prox IP 400. IP access control panel

Fully functional access control panel with IP network capability in a metal housing with 1.5A power supply. It can be spent as an electronic board.
Control panel can control two single-sided doors or one double-sided door and operates on any computer network – local or Internet.
Automatic operation after loading the access rules




Works on any computer network
Ethernet 100Mbit, DHCP, DNS

Interfaces for communication with readers

two (2) Wiegand interfaces


31 768 for employees and 1000 for visitors



250 Time zones, 250 weekly schedules, 250 holidays

To equip one single-sided door you need:

  • U-Prox IP400
  • Battery
  • Lock
  • Reader
  • RTE button

To equip two single-sided doors you need:

  • U-Prox IP400
  • Battery
  • 2 locks
  • 2 readers
  • 2 RTE buttons

To equip one double-sided door you need:

  • U-Prox IP400
  • Battery
  • Lock
  • 2 readers

Download U-Prox WEB

Download manual