U-Prox ACS

Facility's security and access control without wires and borders

U-Prox system

Where does it work?

System features

Free software

Absolutely free software for all systems. It supports unlimited number of control panels and identifiers.

IP control panels

U-Prox access control panels are designed to work with any computer network local or Internet. It permit to create extremely secure distributed access control systems.

Global antipassback control

A hardware solution which integrates over a computer network via multiple access controllers in a single system for tracking the movement of facility staff (from room to room – from zone to zone) and the detection of violations, such as the second pass, using duplicate cards, intrusion (sudden appearance inside), transmitting an credential to others, etc.

Elevator control

Provides access to a nominated floor in accordance with the right allocated to a credential or PIN thru transmitting advice to the Access Control System. This restricts access to the floor by activating only the nominated button on the selection panel in the elevator.

Photo and video verification

Offers a real-time display window containing access event information, such as employee photos from file and video from a camera at the access point. This permits the control room operator to react immediately to an event: add a comment, lock the door, or disable the credential, etc.

Floor plan editor

Each event can be marked on the plan. This provides easy and intuitive access to filter reports on the events: report the number of personnel in the plan, events in the plan area, etc

Editing badges

Easily create badge layouts. Allows you to create a badge template to automatically insert text and graphics when printing. Supports multiple templates on one page when printing.

Alarm e-mail

Automatically transmits emails advising selected recipients about nominated events.

Video survielance and archive

Allows the Access Control System to obtain live video from the access point, view video from cameras (monitoring) and access to the video archive of the events stored in the Access Control System. Integrated with NVRs from Dahua, Hikvision and Pinetron


Provides a range of reporting options, from simple time sheets to complex calculations for global staff incorporating travel and resultant adjustments, sick leave, holidays and more

WEB apps

Unlimited number of workstations with frequently used functions of the access control system in the browser.