U-Prox WEB

Access Control System

U-Prox WEB

Workplaces for Windows, Unix, Android, iOS

It has a full-featured web interface with fine-tuning of all ACS capabilities. U-Prox Web provides opportunities for monitoring, setting equipment, managing staff access control, forming reports.

How U-Prox WEB works

WEB application, workplaces

"Administrator" workplace

Detailed configuration of the system properties. Setting permission for system operators, desktop forms for each operator and etc.

"Instalator" workplace

Adding and configuration of equipment, controllers, doors and etc.

"Security" workplace

Event viewing, photoverification, doors management and etc.

"Personnel Management" workplace

Setting up the company structure, permissions, adding personnel and etc.

"Pass Office" workplace

Identity management personnel, adding personnel, card issuance, visitor management and etc.

"Reports" workplace

Generate reports on the personnel, devices and configurations.