U-Prox Mobile ID

Mobile credential in the smartphone

U-Prox Mobile ID

Mobile identification

We do everything to make access control convenient and simple. Code panels and fingerprint scanners are often uncomfortable. You can forget your access code, entry card or keyring at home and you will not come back to pick them up, but without a smartphone you will never leave your home and you will take care of it.

Your phone is a key

Your smartphone is not only a phone, but also a universal mini-computer, photo and videocamera, maps and navigation, mail, personal banking. And now also very convenient and universal means of access - electronic key.

  • Always with you
  • It is convenient to use it absolutely everywhere: from parking to the hotel
  • Identification and access to the contents of the smartphone only by fingerprint or code
  • Enough memory and processing power for complex cryptographic algorithms
  • User-friendly and simple user interface
  • Access to the premises without cards
  • Work at distances of 0.1 - 15 m
  • Multiple keys in one phone
  • Each U-Prox ID is attached to a mobile device
  • Secure connection to the ACS control panel
  • For Android and iOS
  • Low cost of U-Prox ID

Simple work with U-Prox Mobile ID

  • Remote identifiers
  • Door
  • Types of identifiers:
    • Autonomous
    • Network
    • Network encrypted
  • Local identifiers
  • Barrier
  • Encryption identifiers